Successful corporate events include custom catering services

Your corporation just reached a company milestone, or perhaps it gained a new vital shareholder. Maybe you simply want to show your appreciation for all of the hard work your employees have done over the years, especially during some stressful or manic times. Or you just want to celebrate holidays with your business “family” and improve relationships with both old and new clients – whatever the reason you may have for setting up a corporate event, one of the best ways to make it a complete success is by including a full catered package that can help you stand out and provide a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Planning the fine details

There are a number of things to consider for a corporate event including the location. Is there ample parking and plenty of room indoors for people to mingle without being crowded? How about the entertainment options? Will you have live music, or entertaining discussions, or maybe even a comedian on stage? Don’t forget the food! Corporate events can last the better part of the afternoon or evening, so of course your guests are going to be hungry after a time. What will you be offering to satisfy their hunger? Will you take into consideration alternative options such as vegetarians or people with food allergies? Unfortunately, planning a suitable event for a large number of people is not a straightforward affair, but if you take the time to plan it and efforts in selecting a good corporate caterer, then all out your event will be memorable and appreciated by all of your attendees.

Unique food and beverage choices

Mambos Cuban Café and Pizzeria offers a wide range of authentic Cuban dishes at our restaurant in Jacksonville FL including pollo criolle, arroz con pollo, lechon asado, picadillo and ropa vieja among many other fine selections. When catering for your event, we can offer many of the same dishes and can even customize the menu just for you. Our food is always prepared fresh just prior to your event and is never re-heated from a frozen state. Freshness equals flavor! We use authentic Cuban spices and sauces to add a unique culinary spark to your event that will keep people talking about it for quite some time! In addition to the food, we can also provide a full service wait staff for when you need that extra spark of formality. You can focus on conversing with shareholders and entertaining your guests, and we will focus on keeping the food hot, fresh and delicious!